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Informed by long term research, Luca Vanello’s practice explores the material, technological and biological implication of non-human entities in processes of distribution of the visible. Approaching matter as a vibrant agent, it addresses the role of materiality and its cycles in processes of perishability, biological decay, circulation, and the politics of care and intimacy. His work is configured as an ecosystem exploded into its constituent materials. It wishes to escape the anthropocentric vision and restore, as fragments, the evidence of a microscopic look at vulnerability and the precariousness of existence.

Featured events

HISK Open Studios 2019, Sofia Caesar, Photo Laure Cottin Stefanelli

Open Studios 2019

24/05/2019 27/05/2019
  HISK - Open Studios
HISK Open Studios 2020, Oussama Tabti, photo Diego Lama

Open Studios 2020

18/09/2020 21/09/2020
  HISK - Open Studios
In a Long Blink of an Eye, exhibition shot, © Laure Cottin Stefanelli & Manuel Wetscher

In a Long Blink of an Eye

17/12/2020 31/01/2021
HISK Gosset site, Gabrielle Petitstraat 4, Brussel, BE HISK - Laureaten tentoonstelling
New Songs for Old Cities

New Songs for Old Cities

23/01/2021 28/02/2021
Netwerk Aalst, Houtkaai 15, Aalst, BE HISK - Tentoonstelling
210313 OV26 Solar Vanello Duo 1

On peut mourir d'être immortel

13/03/2021 03/04/2021
OV Project, Brussel, BE Tentoonstelling
270321 HIS STORY

Bye Bye His-Story, chapter 5050

27/03/2021 26/09/2021
Centre de la gravure et de l'image imprimée, La Louvière, BE Tentoonstelling
We will never surrender, Lieven Segers, 2021

Zonder kunstenaars geen kunstboek

18/06/2021 - 18:00 19:00
BOTANICC, Antwerpen, BE Boek Presentatie
Sonsbeek Quadrennial, 2021

Sonsbeek 20>24. Agora

02/07/2021 29/08/2021
Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem, NL HISK - Tentoonstelling
Watou 2021


03/07/2021 05/09/2021
Watou, Poperinge, BE Festival
Je Thème, 2022

Je Thème

26/03/2022 22/04/2022
OV Project room, Brussels, BE Tentoonstelling
Gaëlle Leenhardt, 2022

Dans le forêts disparues du monde

02/07/2022 03/09/2022
MAGCP, centre d'art contemporain, Cajarc, FR Tentoonstelling
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Miroirs IV: Par enchantement

03/09/2022 18/09/2022
Parc d'Enghien, Enghien, BE Tentoonstelling
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Abbaye de la Cambre, Brussel, BE HISK - Nieuws
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Ilke Cop & Luca Vanello

15/09/2022 02/10/2022
Pilar, Brussel, BE Tentoonstelling
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24/03/2023 09/04/2023
SAFFCA - 17 Abbaye de LA CAMBRE, Brussel, BE Tentoonstelling