Je Thème

Je Thème, 2022
Je Thème, 2022
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    26/03/2022 22/04/2022
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    OV Project room, Brussels, BE

JE THÈME following an idea of Ramuntcho Matta

JE THÈME is a plastic proposal - a relationship between the “I” and the “Themes” inhabiting us – inherent to our personal humanity. Nowadays of tumultuous times ; all kinds of subjects dramatically collide. Political, ethical and philosophical tensions actively provoke very naturally a strategy of confusion.

Chaotic and deeply confusing times in which each individual is often weighed down with all the miseries of the world.

It is perhaps interesting to reconsider Art and its relationship to the Human. Each of us is inhabited more or less in a conscious way. In 1918, Surrealism & Dada got undeniably founded in reaction to the atrocities of the First World War. Those actors were very certainly not fooled – but in total symbiosis with their trouble period : the cause of misfortune was not the enemy or on the battlefields.

The notion that the economy would only be financial was a major obstacle between the “mankind” and his possible evolution. Art therefore gave itself the mission of questioning the essence of Reality.

A few decades ago, immerging myself but also others “actors” practices of Art outside their isolation, I immerge myself in arborescence’s both in museum courses but also in the world of multimedia. I wrote a song for the association “Les Petits Débrouillards” and the chorus was as follows:

“My Theme, Your theme, His theme….“

This came back to me when Olivier V. and Sophie D. from OV Project invited me to come up with a title for this current project. I got naturally attracted by what undeniably matters the most to me.

I Love You.

Within this “I Love You” there is obviously distinction between subject and object. What matters the most, what is the most meaningful in “I Love You“, is this “I“ or “Love You“ and well it is precisely this “or “ - this notion that we would have to choose between one or another.

The “theme” is precisely questioning our ability to “associate” rather than “separate”. Softness and tenderness are precisely the fruit of our ability hearing and developing a deep and infinite “comprehension”, “felling” of the difference between our singularities. Thinking ourselves with a certain ambiguity rather than constantly hiding ourselves behind all irrational attacks by clinging to outdated concepts. Yes, today’s Art is in perpetual resonance with primitive art - if inhabited by a similar “essence”.

“JE THÈME” is precisely fundamental.

How to identify themes that can feed our “I” in order to optimizing our capacities to relate and connecting better not only with others but also with the past - in order to participate in the construction of a present carrying bright futures.

Yes, Times are Confusing and Stressful.

Today it is without any doubt up to us embracing thematic, concepts, feelings which will transform our vision of the world, compassion, cultural acceptances and dialogues.

Art is also there for that.

Art is definitely “an open minded” weapons.

Including :

Harriet Raab

Stef de Jaeger

Francesca Casu

Richars Nonas

Ramuntcho Matta

Botshiva Kanon

Céramiques japonaises

Allan McCollum

Nathalie Campion

Toshiaki Noda

Luca Vanello