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I work with abstraction because it is about the loss of the image, about losing the world and trying to construct it in another way. For me, it functions as a negation of representation that constantly leads to an unknown from which it, in a way, takes form again. When I start a painting, I don’t have any particular idea in mind other than that I will be making a painting. The steps I take - drawing, etching, painting, and then drawing again, are ways for me to focus on how my hands are working and the way they know how to paint, yet also leave room for surprises. Motifs such as repeated drawings, a stylized mouth, streaks, gestures, and text inform the appearance of my paintings. I sometimes draw, etch, or paint whatever drifts into my mind, often making it an intuitive process. I counterpose these abstractions with more pointed gestures – whether critical, humorous, or questioning – by working in an open and lucid manner. As such, they become carriers through which private histories, political and cultural undertones, allegories, subversive narratives, and humour reveal themselves.

Nokukhanya Langa Wh At Ab Out Th E c Av E m En
Nokukhanya Langa, WhAt AbOut ThE cAvE mEn?, oil on canvas, 175 x 135 cm, 2019

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HISK Open Studios 2020, Oussama Tabti, photo Diego Lama

Open Studios 2020

18/09/2020 21/09/2020
  HISK - Open Studios
New Songs for Old Cities

New Songs for Old Cities

23/01/2021 28/02/2021
Netwerk Aalst, Houtkaai 15, Aalst, BE HISK - Tentoonstelling
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Ballon Rouge Collective, Brussel, BE Tentoonstelling

6 Degrees

07/03/2021 28/03/2021
Liebaert Projects, Kortrijk, BE Tentoonstelling
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Tarot Editions

02/04/2021 25/04/2021
019, Gent, BE Tentoonstelling
TBOT Aankondiging Website
  HISK - Digitaal platform
010521 WIELS


01/05/2021 15/08/2021
WIELS, Brussel, BE Tentoonstelling
Website HISK AFFAIR hoog beeld

The HISK Affair

24/06/2021 18/07/2021
Gosset site, Brussel, BE HISK - Tentoonstelling
Art Rotterdam, 2021

Art Rotterdam 2021

01/07/2021 04/07/2021
Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam, NL Beurs
Sonsbeek Quadrennial, 2021

Sonsbeek 20>24. Agora

02/07/2021 29/08/2021
Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem, NL HISK - Tentoonstelling
XL, 2021


28/08/2021 26/09/2021
BARBÉ URBAIN gallery, Gent, BE Tentoonstelling
HISK studios. Photo by Dani Ghercă

Open Studios 2021

17/09/2021 20/09/2021
HISK, Leopoldskazerne, Eekhout 5, Gent, BE HISK - Open Studios
NowBelgiumNow, 2021


19/09/2021 31/10/2021
LLS Paleis, Antwerpen, BE Tentoonstelling
Various Positions, 2021. Grafisch ontwerp door Bernardo Berga

Various Positions

09/12/2021 30/01/2022
  HISK - Laureaten tentoonstelling
Various Positions 2021 Catalogue

Book launch 'Various Positions'

15/01/2022 - 18:00 20:00
HISK Gosset site, Brussel, BE Boek Presentatie
Madrigals, Charles Dhondt, 2022


21/01/2022 23/01/2022
DE SINGEL, Antwerpen, BE Performance
DASH @ rhizome_, 2022

I'm Nobody! Who are you?

03/04/2022 26/06/2022
DASH @ Rhizome_, Kortrijk, BE Tentoonstelling
Nokukhanya Langa, 2022
Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam, NL Tentoonstelling
Ballroom Project #4

Ballroom Project #4

26/05/2022 29/05/2022
BorGerHub, Antwerpen, BE Beurs
Noku install 7

Nokukhanya Langa. Nokukhanya Langa

14/09/2022 15/11/2022
Saatchi Yates, London, UK Tentoonstelling
Schermafbeelding2022 11 14om15 02 54
BARBÉ URBAIN, Gent, BE Tentoonstelling