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Kasper De Vos





As a visual finder, I journey through a physical ‘here and now’. A voyage through different landscapes such as industry, folklore, food, Western art and nature. From these landscapes I take images, sculptural shapes, colour combinations that attract and fascinate me. I keep them in a room in my head.
The material I come across in this physical ‘here and now’ I collect in my studio. These materials are often waste or debris from our society. But for me they are like a ticket to another dimension. In my work, I engage with these physical materials and the images in my head.
Like a cook who combines flavours and textures, I set out in search of ways to connect the physical ingredients both with each other and with the pictures in my fridge.
Imitation, staging, assembly and bricolage are actions in this constant quest for melting points and visual explosions. Contrast and absurd humour are essential spices in the sculptures, collages and drawings I present to the viewer.

Featured events

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A Shepherd's Poem

04/03/2021 11/04/2021
PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerpen, BE Tentoonstelling
Liesbeth Henderickx & Kasper De Vos, Day to Day, 2021

Udden skulptur festival Sweden

01/07/2021 30/09/2021
Hunnebostrand, SE Festival
Art Contest 2021

Art Contest 2021

02/09/2021 26/09/2021
Espace Vanderborght, Brussel, BE Tentoonstelling
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Fiat Lux

18/11/2021 06/02/2022
Pilar, Brussel, BE HISK - Alumnitentoonstelling
Campagnebeeld 1180x961
MuHKA, Antwerpen, BE Tentoonstelling
Sausage Party, 2022

Sausage Party

19/03/2022 30/04/2022
Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussel, BE Tentoonstelling
Kasper De Vos, 2022

Kasper De Vos. Beams & Dreams

03/04/2022 07/05/2022
1:40,5 Gallery, FRED&FERRY, Antwerpen, BE Tentoonstelling


14/05/2022 14/08/2022
De Warande, Turnhout, BE Tentoonstelling
Quartet flyer


24/09/2022 06/11/2022
Poortersloge, Brugge, BE Tentoonstelling

De Schaar van de Schorpioen

20/11/2022 15/01/2023
Galerie Nasty Alice en Huis Henk Visch, Eindhoven, NL Tentoonstelling
Art Antwerp 2nd portrait

Art Antwerp 2022

15/12/2022 18/12/2022
Antwerp Expo, Antwerpen, BE Beurs
Img 3676

Kasper De Vos. Sluimertijd

14/01/2023 19/02/2023
PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerpen Tentoonstelling