Udden skulptur festival Sweden

Liesbeth Henderickx & Kasper De Vos, Day to Day, 2021
Liesbeth Henderickx & Kasper De Vos, Day to Day, 2021
  • Datum

    01/07/2021 30/09/2021
  • Locatie

    Hunnebostrand, SE

Welcome to the eleventh edition of Udden Skulptur in the old quarry at Norra Kajen in Hunnebostrand.

This year’s exhibition consists of nine sculptures and installations by ten participating artists from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Belgium. The exhibition shows sculpture and installation that in different ways correspond to the place.

Several of the works in the exhibition take up current contemporary references and contemporary reality is incorporated into the art. Others examine the deeply human.

The sculptures and installations are inscribed in the landscape and relate to the sea, the quarry and the light. Contemporaries meet the legacy of the old quarry where granite was mined from the late 1800s until the 1970s.

Now art has taken the place of the stone industry and the dramatic view of the sea is preserved.

Udden Skulptur is a jury-judged exhibition where the selection has been made based on works artists have applied to participate in. The selection is made by an Artistic Council, which consists of Sanne Kofod Olsen, Agnes Mohlin, Johan Zetterquist and Elisabeth Åström.

The principal for Udden Skulptur is KKV-Bohuslän. With the support of the Swedish Arts Council, the Västra Götaland region and the municipality of Sotenäs.

Many thanks to our sponsors Bella Gästis and Hallindens Granit.

Day to day

This work is our first joint work, and came into being thanks to the stone grant in 2020 in kkv-b.

Looking for common ground within our both practices, we came across the place where we share imaginations and thoughts, where ideas are expressed. Our kitchen table is the central place in our lives.

The place where we share a meal three times a day and look each other in the eye. An intimate and familiar place, a place of rest.

By working together on one large block of granite, a physical meeting was inevitable, where we started from our own side of the table but ultimately shared responsibility for the overall sculpture.

Letting go of one’s own practice in a shared sculpture that symbolises our way of living was enormously liberating.