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Kasper Bosmans





Kasper Bosmans (1990) studied in Belgium at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Ghent. The artist’s work has been exhibited at Gladstone Gallery in New York, S.M.A.K. in Ghent, and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.
Oral histories, folk art, and local crafts all have important parts to play in the work of Bosmans, who forges unexpected connections to expand interpretations of history. A critical interpretation of narrative imagery can generate insights into phenomena such as the bias inherent to the iconography and symbolism associated with particular stories—such as folktales that incorporate imagery that many may now consider xenophobic or misogynist. An example in Bosmans’ work is the story of Saint Wilgefortis, a woman whom God gives facial hair to deter her husband-to-be from an arranged marriage she has no wish to be part of. Her only wish is to avoid an unhappy marriage, but her father chooses to punish her by crucifixion, thereby uniting her for all eternity with God.

Featured events

Kasper Bosmans, Wolf Corridor, 2021

Kasper Bosmans. Wolf Corridor

17/04/2021 05/09/2021
De Pont, Tilburg, NL Tentoonstelling
Michiel Ceulers The herald of his artistic progeny soufflant votre trompette au milieu dune fanfare 2020 2021
Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles, US Tentoonstelling
Kasper Bosmans, Legend: American Picket Fence and the Pink Thread, Gouache and silverpoint on poplar panel, 28 x 21 cm, 2021. Courtesy Gladstone Gallery and the artist.

Kasper Bosmans. Husbandry

25/02/2022 31/07/2022
WIELS, Brussel, BE Tentoonstelling
Art Brussels 2022
Tour & Taxis, Brussel, Belgium Tentoonstelling
Bye Bye His-Story, chapter U, 2022

Bye Bye His-Story, chapter U

30/04/2022 21/05/2022
Bn Projects, Brussel, BE

What's in an artwork?

16/06/2022 17/07/2022
  HISK - Alumnitentoonstelling
Kasper Bosmans, 2022
Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht, NL Tentoonstelling