Ella de Burca





Through my practise I create visual juxtapositions between action and language, treating language as an object, and objects as languages. I warp, swop, and pop their positions as I work with subversion to unearth the subjectiveness of memory and interpretation.

My sculptural installations could be mistaken for theatre sets, just as my scripted performances could be mistaken for theatre.

Featured events

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A Shepherd's Poem

04/03/2021 11/04/2021
PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerpen, BE Tentoonstelling
Watou 2021


03/07/2021 05/09/2021
Watou, Poperinge, BE Festival
Apples & Oranges. Photo: Alexandra Bertels
C-mine, Genk, BE Beurs
Aziz Hazara, Rehearsal, 2020. Courtesy of the artist and Experimenter, Kolkata.
Harlan Levey Projects 1080, Brussel, BE Tentoonstelling