Sonia Dermience

Sonia Dermience (°1971, Belgium) studied art history and had several positions as curator and editor before she founded Komplot in Brussels in 2002, a curatorial collective concerned with contextual creative practices. Under the name of Catherine Vertige, she conducted extensive research into post '68 collaborative art practices in Belgium with seminars and the two documentary films ‘Sad In Country’ with Kosten Koper. In 2009 Komplot founded the participative educational program The Public School Brussels, which is soon to become The Komplot School Of Curating. Between 2010 and 2015 Komplot was located in a converted warehouse dedicated to exhibitions, residencies and studios. Komplot published three issues of YEAR magazine between 2011 and 2013. Currently Komplot is redeveloping a nomadic practice. In 2015, Sonia Dermience re-initiated an individual curatorial practice with TRUST, The Copenhagen Arts Festival, at Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Gammel Strand, Overgaden, Den Frie and other semi-public locations in Copenhagen

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