P/////AKT (Nienke Vijlbrief & Rob van de Werdt)

The philosophy behind the modus operandi of P/////AKT is based on the properties of Art as a Mental Space. This represents a way of thinking that originates from and moves with art as a visual, poetical language that has the capacity to sharpen the mind, to question the norms and trigger alternative insights. It is an attitude that is less explicitly politically oriented, but rather based on an awareness that taking up and providing space is in itself a political act – and that an open platform to communicate unique, individual voices is a necessity that brings undercurrents to surface and thoughts to materialize.

Art as a Mental Space includes both the artists and their work and the audience that meets it. Our focus is to facilitate these meetings and to provide the best possible conditions in terms of space, time and means . Put into practice this means that P/////AKT specializes in solo productions, inviting the artists to produce work (on and for) the location and to use the time, space and freedom to experiment and/or take relevant steps.

P/////AKT was founded in 2003 and has firmly positioned itself within the city’s and country’s infrastructure of museums, commercial galleries and (post)academic institutions – having established an international reputation for discovering emerging artists and the realization of high-standard and relevant projects through close collaboration and maintaining the mentality of an initiative. P/////AKT is run by visual artist Rob van de Werdt and art historian Nienke Vijlbrief, who operate pretty much as a duo, like to be involved on all levels and always trust the artist.

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