Lucile Desamory

Lucile Desamory is interested in the frontiers of perception, in the „too much“, the falsified - in the spurned narratives. This interest in marginal phenomena always requires to change the medium. She uses painting, drawing, embroidery, collage, photography, film, and her voice. She combines these techniques into larger webs such as installations, films, radio plays and live performances. Many projects are created as collaborations like for example the theater play The Extraordinary Wig with Antonia Baehr in 2020, the performance Asteroseismology with Sabine Ercklentz and Margareth Kammerer in 2018 or her second feature film Télé Réalité directed in collaboration with filmmakers Glodie Mubikay and Gustave Fundi, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2020.

Lucile Desamory lives and works in Berlin.

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2022, 2023