Jeroen Laureyns

Jeroen Laureyns (°1976 Gent) is a Belgian art critic and lecturer. He has been teaching contemporary art at Sint-Lucas in Ghent since 2000, combining that with an active role as an art critic for different media (De Standaard, De Tijd, Klara, h-art). Convinced that he is part of on old oral tradition he prefers teaching and radio criticism. He wrote his first book 'Weg van Vlaanderen' on the contemporary depiction of the Flemish landscape, as a concrete example of the universal crisis of the landscape. Now he is working a revision of the canon of modern art 'Women & Other Minorities' and hopes to finish his second book on 'Belgian Realism' that has the intention to serve as a small, but important artistic antidote to the right-winged regression worldwide.

Gastdocent in

2020, 2019