Michel Assenmaker

About Manet’s Olympia, Bataille wrote: “And what the painting means is not the text, but his erasure.” (M.A. on J. Murphy)

For more than 40 years, Michel Assenmaker gave lectures on art and literature at l’ERG and La Cambre, Brussels, and gave seminars at Jan Van Eyck, Maastricht and capcMusée, Bordeaux.

Assenmaker curated exhibitions for institutions, such as Casino, Luxembourg and the National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo, and published the books, L’Écart et l’Accolade, a collection of theoretical texts (Bruxelles, (SIC) éd., 2015), and Poser, roman, a novel (couper ou pas couper éd., Bruxelles, 2014), and co-published a book with E. Lunghi and É. Brunier, étés, (Casino Luxembourg et Yves Gevaert éd., 2006). Since 2014, he works with the artists Céline Willame. Assenmaker studied Semiotics, Philosophy, Leuven and Psychoanalysis, Brussels. He wrote on numerous artists, such as S. Brouwn, C. Andre, O. Kawara, J. Murphy, S. Levine, etc.

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