Yue Yuan. OK, je te donne une minute

Yue Yuan, 2022
Yue Yuan, 2022
  • Datum

    05/05/2022 - 18:00 21:00
  • Locatie

    Espace En Cours, Paris, FR

Our schedules, subject to injections of productivity, require us to optimise the way we spend every minute. In this collaborative performance, Yue Yuan offers to exchange one of your precious minutes with him, for a moment of sharing out of time.
Yue Yuan is an artist who attempts to create artistic events that imperceptibly upset the established rules of our everyday lives.

Performance organised at Espace En Cours, 56 Rue de la Réunion, Paris, in partnership with the FSDIE of the University of Paris.

Curated by Camille De Locker