Tik Tok vs Abramovic

210317 Tik Tok vs Abramovic
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    17/03/2021 29/03/2021
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    P145, Berlin, DE

The contemporary system of production and consumption of images follows the imperative of the accelerated neoliberalism that shapes the world around us in deep and obscure ways. Technology plays a controversial role in this scenario. From cryptic Instagram algorithms to insidious AIs that are literally at our fingertips, we are surrounded by canals and tools through which images are generated, manipulated and propagated with less and less human agency involved.

The subject turns into a target, whose rhythms and routine beat to the tempo of a constant bombardment. The domestic and the intimate as well as the public space only exist as the representations that are made of them, up to the point of blending into an optical illusion that, like the stargate sequence in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, escapes any attempt for rationalization. It simply is, and we are in it. (


How does this problematic condition generate art historical narratives?

The exhibition Tik Tok vs Abramovic presents the works of artists whose practice navigates the possibilities of the image-making process as a means for defiance of the status quo; as well as investigating the accountability of image-making itself, as being a significant node in networks of economical and political interests.

Arthur Cordier (BE, based in The Hague)
Flaviu Cacoveanu (RO, based in Berlin)
Mihaela Hundrea (RO, based in Cluj)
Valentino Russo (IT, based in The Hague)
Catherine Biocca (IT, Based in Berlin)
Helen Anna Flanagan (UK, based in Rotterdam)