HISK - Study trip

Study trip in Belgium 3: Gent

  • Address

    Jan Hoetplein 1
    9000 Gent

  • Date

    Wednesday 22 January 2020

11:00 > 13:00: Artistic director Philippe van Cauteren will talk about S.M.A.K.’s origins, role, collection, artistic directive, etc., and show us the museum's backstage.

14:00 > 17:00: Curator Thibaut Verhoeven will present the current exhibition of works from the collection and talk about how the collection is constructed as well as the relationship with the artists.

Assistant curator Tanja Boon will give a guided tour of the solo show by Romanian artist Ciprian Mureşan, which she curated in the framework of Europalia Romania. Afterwards, you are welcome to visit the other exhibitions.