HISK - Study trip

Study trip in Belgium 2: Antwerp

  • Address

    M HKA – Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp
    Leuvenstraat 32
    2000 Antwerp

  • Date

    Friday 17 January 2020

13:00 > 22:00. All activities will be at the M HKA.

13:00 > 14:00. General & artistic director Bart De Baere will talk about the museum's origins, role and position within the international art scene as well as its artistic directive

14:00 > 15:00. Visit to Marcel Broodthaer's retrospective

15:00 >16:00. Research curator Lotte Beckwé, co-curator of Marcel Broodthaer's retrospective, will give an overview about the late artist's practice and talk about the curatorial perspective (what and how to display, the research, the relationship with the artist's estate, etc.)

16:00 > 17:30. NICC's president Lieven Segers and vice-president Guillaume Bijl will talk about NICC's role and activities as an artist-run organisation, which was responsible for the creation of the artist's statute.

18:30 > 22:00. Performances and actions by 2nd year candidate laureates in celebration of Art's Birthday, in the framework of "Zonder kunstenaars, geen kunst" (Without artists, no art) exhibition organised by NICC.