Stalen, 2021
Stalen, 2021
  • Datum

    20/03/2021 30/05/2021
  • Locatie

    Gallery De Filatuur, Brussel, BE

Koen van den Broek presents 'Stalen', a group exhibition starring the artists Aaron Victor Peeters, Joke Hansen and Štefan Papčo.

Central to the work by Aaron Victor Peeters (°1994) is his occupation with interweaving multiple fields and interests — like art, history, philosophy and literature — into complex, multi-layered installations.
The transformational process of Joke Hansen (°1979) is a more formal one. She investigates fundamental questions about painting which has led her to playfully break out of the traditional canvas and make cut outs and shaped canvases, sometimes resulting in futuristic fantasy images.
Artist and mountain climber Štefan Papčo (°1983) at his turn creates tranquil, introverted and at the same time monumental sculptures with references to mountaineering. His work raises philosophical and existential questions about surrendering to natural forces and looking for extremes.

To be constantly under way and on the move is what these three young artists have in common. Koen van den Broek makes their completely different visual languages interact with one another by juxtaposing them in inventive and surprising ways.