Qu'avons-nous fait!

Spoken, 2022
Spoken, 2022

Qu'avons-nous fait! is an interrogative observation that has become an affirmative one. The exhibition thus titled seeks to confirm the societal place of artists, beyond the cultural utilitarianism of the testimony rendered, the injunction to change, the discursive shimmer... This initial questioning bordering on horror, which is found in the extreme in Captain Lewis's phrase, My God, what have we done? after the dropping of Little Boy in Hiroshima, still raises the question of responsibilities and marks an awareness that is now very real. We, creative artists, are not without the collective or inclusive interpellation, the transhumance of responsibilities that we germinate in front of art. By creating, we are making a strong but fragile act.

Art made public is political. It slips through our fingers, escapes intentions and discourses when it is there, is made and unmade, senselessly reactive or inductive of meaning, it opposes and nourishes, an inaugural break, a phantom banner in the eye of the world. It gives itself here to be seen. See for yourself!

Christian Israel


Yvonne De Grazia
Hanane El Farissi
Christian Israel
Sylvie Janssens de Bisthoven
Wouter Krokaert
Catherine Pleyers
Marc Rossignol
Ane Vester