Katya Ev. Performative walk

Katya Ev, Augenmusik 2016
Katya Ev, Augenmusik 2016 © Mathilde Geldhof
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    Netwerk Aalst, Aalst, BE

In the present context of unprecedented restrictions of public life and repressive politics to control the current health crisis, artist Katya Ev together with Netwerk Aalst decided to organize a performative walk. Three performers will silently and separately depart from different parts of the city of Aalst holding blue flashing lights, hereby following all current regulations.

This walk relates to the Augenmusik (Paris, 2016), a work by Katya Ev presented at the exhibition New Songs for Old Cities at Netwerk Aalst where twenty-four performers departed simultaneously from each of the twenty-four “entrances” to Paris. Holding blue flashing lights in front of them, the participants walked from the Parisian ring towards the city center. The performance triggered a strong reaction that revealed the sense of panic embedded in society.

Indicated on the map of Aalst are the different trajectories of the three participants with their symbolically selected starting points. The light-bearers who lead the way represent a perspective on the medical sector, discrimination, gender, police violence, wealth inequalities and public life.
You can follow them live online or encounter them in the streets of Aalst.

The current covid-related measures are taken through a logic of emergency, crisis and necessity, but cause alarming situations in numerous other domains. Already for a longer time, authorities have embraced a ‘state of exception’. Conceived by the artist to not go against any applicable law, the walk makes visible to what extent the authorities themselves walk on the border of legislation.

The performative walk coincides with Still Standing for Culture and the
World Day of Social Justice
Katya Ev’s project Augenmusik is part of the exhibition New Songs for Old Cities at Netwerk Aalst until 28.02.2021. New Songs for Old Cities marks
the beginning of a structural collaboration between Netwerk Aalst, HISK
and Stad Aalst.
Find more info about the starting points and the performers on