Look At Us Now

210420 Look at us now Roel Heremans

A selection of audiovisual installations that critically approach innovative tech & design.

STUK and and& present a series of art installations that that critically approach innovative tech & design and challenge the baseline ‘Innovate for the better’.

Innovation promises us a better life. But what qualifies as better? And for whom? The exhibition Look At Us Now focuses on artists who critically approach and transform innovative technologies and design into artistic concepts that arm us against the vortex of our time. Various sound and audiovisual installations are presented at STUK and in the public space of Leuven.

Artists: Haroon Mirza, Mike Millis, Trevor Paglen, Angelo Washko, Roel Heremans, Zimoun, Yann Leguay, Marco Barotti en Amanda Parer.

Curated by Gilles Helsen & Karen Verschooren.

Roel Heremans will show his work Quartet B