Linda Jasmin Mayer. Itara

Itara LJM 2021
Linda Jasmin Mayer, Itara, 2021
  • Datum

    28/05/2022 26/06/2022
  • Locatie

    THE PLATFORM by vcrb gallery, Antwerpen, BE

/ THE PLATFORM.7 - Itara, Linda Jasmin Mayer

The Platform aims to give young talent the platform they need to bring their work to the public, to discover which direction they want to take with their art, to familiarize themselves with this side of the art-business.

The Platform is here to help and support, to discover the next generation and introduce them to collectors.

We’ve noticed that starting artists are hesitant about working with galleries because of typical contracts binding them to only one gallery. This is why our concept revolves around “no strings attached”. No binding contracts, only trust and support.

The platform is a new, creative hub inside vcrb gallery. Thanks to the 20 years of experience of the gallery, the platform benefits from all the knowledge and contacts. In return, the gallery and its collectors enjoy the new, young talent introduced in the platform.


Three Channel Videoinstallation

What is our relationship with light and darkness? What is darkness if not the absence of light? The spectrum of dim light will inevitably attract all forms of life, from plants to humans. Wherever there is darkness, we bring light to illuminate the path that leads us forward.

Itara, the three-channel Videoinstallation, deals with a poetic view on different forms of light. Urban space and natural space; artificial light and natural light flank the central image, which shows the relationship between a man and a tree, united in a perpetual journey in search of light.