Linda Jasmin Mayer. Hybrid Souls

Linda Jasmin Mayer
Linda Jasmin Mayer
  • Datum

    27/01/2022 29/01/2022
  • Locatie

    Atelier Arthur Rogiers, Brussel, BE

Hybrid Souls investigates the metamorphosis of human and bird and aims to show how the loss of belonging forces the hybrid creature to look for new points of reference and to review its purpose.

Linda Jasmin Mayer (b. 1986 in Meran, Italy)

Within her works she explores topics of social alienation and the interplay between humanity and nature. She received a MFA from the Time and Space Arts study program of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki in 2014 and a BFA in Sculpture Studies from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan in 2010. She studied at the School of Media Arts of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen in 2014 and 2015. In 2018 she participated in the ISP of Maumaus in Lisbon. Currently she is a resident of HISK in Gent.

Linda Jasmin Mayer’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Russia and India. Her works are in private and public collections.