Koen van den Broek. In Between Memory and Dream

Koen van den Broek, 2021
Koen van den Broek, 2021

"Art is something mystical.
If you look at my paintings for the exhibition, they represent a dream world of a
connection with a reality before, which was actually a different life."

With these ruminative words, Koen van den Broek introduces us to a new series of paintings he created for his solo exhibition 'In Between Memory and Dream' at Gallery Baton in South Korea. We all know Koen van den Broek as an artist who has always been in movement. The images that he captures on camera and that are still fresh in his memory after he comes home from a road trip, are usually his source of departure.

But times are different now. Being able to travel around the globe is no longer evident. Instead of basing himself on images of his road trips, van den Broek now takes us on a trip into his mind, towards the recollections of his past. Photographs from his archive now serve as memories and dreams rather than starting points.