Juan Pablo Plazas. Vacaciones al pelo

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Colombian clothing brand Vacaciones
  • Datum

    28/10/2022 - 20:00 21:00
  • Locatie

    Poortersloge, Brugge, BE

Some months ago, Hans came for coffee and brought with him some books that he made to exchange with books that I've made. To our surprise, our books looked as if they were made by the same artist. Instead of wasting time with the good old "the chicken and the egg dilemma", we decided to celebrate our similarities by working together. We decided to make a bench together, because a bench is the ultimate image of a place to share. This Friday, in Bruges, we will present our shared bench as part of a group show called Quartet, alongside other great artists.On the 7th of October, we will do a performance based on our holiday experiences this summer. The name of the performance is heavily inspired by the Colombian clothing brand: Vacaciones. That day, we will also present an edition we made together (more info to come).

Juan Pablo Plazas and Hans Demeulenaere, chair .... share*, 2022
Juan Pablo Plazas and Hans Demeulenaere, chair .... share*, 2022

On the occasion of the exhibition Quartet (Bruges, B) Juan Pablo and Hans made a new series of silk prints. Each print contains a unique combination of patterned dots and words that rhymes with air, and is a unique work (+2 AP) on a size of 110 on 73 cm. Have a look here.