Horizontal Hold

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  • Datum

    22/10/2022 30/10/2022
  • Locatie

    Boulevard General Jacques 202 Block 4, Brussel, BE

Opening: 21/10/2022

The Letter Escape Department invites: Michiel Ceulers & Karel Thienpont.

The performances will be held on the vernissage: 21/10 and Finissage: 30/10.

The Letter Escape Department is an artist-run network founded in 2022 by Wim De Pauw. It explores the language of architecture and the architecture of language, and it evolves through encounters with different conversational partners. These dialogues take on various forms, whether verbal, visual or written, and hold different temporalities. As curiosity lies at its core, it longs to expand its artistic foundation into the fields of linguistics, anthropology, urbanism