Hit The Road. Netwerk Aalst is renovating

Netwerk Aalst
Netwerk Aalst

Netwerk Aalst is renovating. We’re saying goodbye to the current building, but we’re doing it in style. Two walls are already waiting to be taken down! ECTV Architects will come by to unveil the new renovation plans. Watch the last film in our cinema before we temporarily set up our screen in the VTI technical school. Come and toast to the future. And so much more!

In the meantime, we’re looking for ideas on how we can make this a home together. Think, sketch or work with us on the future of Netwerk Aalst.


The building is a body and it needs some bodybuilding, while the floors can be referred to as stories because of their storage potential.Artist Juan Pablo Plazas will guide you through the spaces that you don’t get to see as a regular visitor in Netwerk Aalst. These spaces happen to be the ones that will change most after the renovations, they will be nothing but stories. He will charge them with new stories and reveal some of the ones that live as rumours in the walls.