EXPLO: Xenia

Xenia, 2021
Xenia, 2021
  • Datum

    15/10/2021 31/10/2021
  • Locatie

    Gosset site, Gabrielle Petit straat 4-6, Brussel, BE

MILL and curators Victor Afung Lauwers & Oscar van der Put have the pleasure to invite you to the XL-version of EXPLO. Under the name Xenia - or the virtue of hospitality - the work of Leyla Aydoslu, Willem Boel, Dirk Braeckman, Helen A Flanagan, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Simon Lenski, Maarten Seghers, Grace Tjang (Grace Ellen Barkey), George van Dam, Emma van der Put, Har van der Put, Oscar van der Put and Guy Wouetéis brought together in a group exhibition that can be visited for eleven days in Molenbeek.

During the opening weekend (15 - 17 October) George van Dam and Simon Lenski will present Dichterliebe, their new performance. The second weekend (21 - 24 October) sees the premiere of a new film by Emma van der Put based on her physical presence at The House of Our Fathers / Mothers of Inventions (MILL, 2020). The last weekend (28 - 31 October) is dedicated to the Belgian premiere of MALAM / NIGHT by Grace Tjang; first three days as an installation with a durational performance on 31 October as closing piece of the EXPLO.

After a long period of remoteness and caution, it is time to open the doors and let hospitality rule. That is exactly what Xenia wants to achieve. Besides presenting the work of a varied group of artists from Belgium and abroad, this EXPLO wants above all to be a place of encounter. Between artists, between friends, between old acquaintances and new faces. Between people. Welcome!

“It is no bold statement to claim that the municipality of Molenbeek, named after the Maelbeek river, underwent its name change in the figurative vernacular when windmills were built here and there along the swampy stream (‘molen’ is Dutch for windmill, ‘beek’ for stream). In the once wooded wilderness of Europe, alongside church and gate, the mill was a welcome sign of civilization, of salvation. The miller was the involuntary host of peasant and beggar, of almoner and prostitute, of horseman and pilgrim alike. Involuntary because necessary. All were drawn to the organization of water and grain. Need transcended any conflict between friend and foe.

During Xenia, another mill is being erected in Molenbeek. A major mill, a work by one of the artists participating in the exhibition, Willem Boel.” - Victor Afung Lauwers

Reservations are not necessary - everything is free to visit! - but because we like to welcome you personally, please feel free to announce your arrival at invitations@needcompany.org.

You can visit Xenia without a mouth mask or social distancing because of the use of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST). When you arrive, have your proof of identity and Covid Safe Ticket ready on your smartphone (via the Covid Safe app) or on paper. The hospitality staff will scan your certificate and grant you access to the exhibition.