Digital Deviations

160321 helen Metronom
Helen Anna Flanagan, Blurring Contour, 2021

DIGITAL VIDEO WALL | Digital Deviations, curated by Martina Cavalli

Blurring Contour (2021) by Helen Anna Flanagan is the first video intervention in the programming of Digital Deviations, third edition of DIGITAL VIDEO WALL, an annual project promoted by METRONOM, structured in thematic chapters and aimed at promoting the dissemination and experimentation of digital art. Blurring Contour is an excerpt from a video work Flanagan shot in a nightclub in Essex, UK. Through a syncopated alternation of hallucinogenic surfaces and perspectives, the artist constructs an alternative narration of the clubbing experience through different tactile and visual textures. Blurring Contour is a reflection by contrast on the possible experiments in the digital realm offered by video art: the digital deviation undertaken by Flanagan is not so much linked to computer language, as to what can be accomplished by fingers and hands. The methodological basis of Helen Anna Flanagan's research is based on the observation of small fortuitous events in everyday life. These incidents become part of fictional narratives that take the form of videos, installations and performances. By constructing and imagining scenarios - often absurd - the artist tries to investigate the social structures and the political subtext of everyday life, focusing on affects and emotions, labor and the body.

Digital Deviations, title of the 2021 chapter of DIGITAL VIDEO WALL, is an exploration in the artistic field, carried on through the research of six international artists. Helen Anna Flanagan, Johann Baron Lanteigne, Claire Hentschker, Hannah Neckel, Pleun Gremmen and Tamiko Thiel are invited by Martina Cavalli to present their own variation on the theme and to occupy METRONOM's video wall for one month each.

As part of the programming of each intervention, lectures, projections, thematic focuses and interviews will be organized on generazionecritica.it to deepen the research of the authors.