Che Go Eun. Ghost of Flandria

Ghost of Flandria, 2021
Ghost of Flandria, 2021
  • Datum

    18/09/2021 24/10/2021
  • Locatie

    BruthausGallery, Waregem, BE

Che Go Eun trained in Korean traditional painting, expanding her work into the digital medium. She has a unique relationship with the pre and post digital era, which is particularly characteristic of her artistic practice.

Her artistic research is inspired by folklore, religious iconography and cyber-culture, she often draws references from them. She conscientiously investigates the history of locations and places, interweaving the stories of the present, the past, and an imagined future. Combining elements of Korean shamanism, Christianity and Western folklore, her practice embodies stories of WOMXN and their sexuality.