Brussels City of Stories

Brussels City of Stories, 2022
Brussels City of Stories, 2022
  • Datum

    04/06/2022 - 11:00 16:30
  • Locatie

    Brussel, BE

A STORY FESTIVAL around public transport by and for the people of Brussels.

Be transported by moving stories, pop-up exhibits and poetic performances
at surprising locations.

Brussels City of Stories is a participative project that aims to inhabit the territory of Brussels in a poetic way by filling the city with the stories of the people who live there.

We all have a story to tell, but mostly stories! Whether funny or not so funny, beautiful or surprising, true or imaginary, these stories follow us everywhere we go and cross paths through encounters that bring people and places together.

Brussels, with its 180 nationalities and nearly a 100 languages, is full of stories that are just waiting to be told!

For this second edition Brussels City of Stories explores the theme of public transport as the setting and location for stories and encounters.

Public transport connects places and people. With stations, railways, roads and stops it brings thousands of people and their stories together. Sometimes, while travelling or waiting for the bus or train, these stories cross each other for the time of the encounter.
Help us capture, connect and spread these unique moments!

Art installation by Juan Pablo Plazas

Stop by the animated story kiosk, created by artist Juan Pablo Plazas. Dive into the train stories and share your own.