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Assaf Gruber





The dynamic relationship between individuals and institutions is at the center of Assaf Gruber’s practice, which aims to explore both how the political orientation of legacy establishments impact the lives of individuals and how these organizations choose to represent and communicate facts and their attendant artifacts. His photography, films, sculpture, and installations place the materiality of objects in relation to narrative dimensions, which in turn create fictional spaces where movement and non-movement function as a medium.

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2017, 2016, 2015

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What's in an artwork?

16/06/2022 17/07/2022
  HISK - Alumnitentoonstelling
Sh22 A Warinthe Distance sujet

A War in the Distance

23/09/2022 12/02/2023
Neue Galerie, Graz, AU Tentoonstelling


15/11/2022 20/11/2022
Different venues, Kassel, DE Festival
Highlight 2022 thelast 500x350

Lo schermo dell'arte

16/11/2022 20/11/2022
Cinema La Compagnia and other venues, Firenze, IT Festival
Itinerarios XXVII 1200

Itinerarios XXVII

19/11/2022 16/04/2023
Centro Botín, Santander, ES Tentoonstelling
11658 2022 11 21 Schermo dellarte jpg
Palazzo Grifoni Budini Gattai, Firenze, IT Lezing
O estado do mundo museu do atlantico sul galerias municipais capa
Pavilhão Branco, Lisboa, PR Tentoonstelling