Ingel Vaikla

Ingel Vaikla





Brussels, 08/04/2018

Dear Ingel,

To converse is to maintain a relationship, exchange views. Convertere: to turn around or change, the opposite - see Convert. I enjoyed watching your film on the convent. Or is it on that quiet building where the nuns reside, they are so inherently present, a place where they seem to exist, full of potential energy. Spirituality, religion, belief: I don’t know, I guess I’m ignorant. What do we believe in, or need to believe in? Do we need to know? Is knowledge not overstretched at times? Don’t know either. You asked me what I believe in. I believe in art, almost religiously. I believe in energy. I think to believe that energy might be the subject of your films. Things happen and while they happen they do show themselves, which is energy. They manifest. Manifestations need an observer. You are one. That is what you share. A space not loaded by presence (that is energy) does not exist. I believe that this is what you show us. That field is large and does not relate solely to architecture. You have the luxury to be freed of looking for a topic, topics manifest. Can’t wait to encounter your next observations.

Looking Forward, Koenraad

text: Koenraad Dedobbeleer

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