Francesca Ferreri

Francesca Ferreri





My work engages with the idea and practice of restoration, in an attempt to apply its principles to sculpture. I am interested in both its procedural and conceptual aspects that involve the process of the recall-of-memories. Memories, in fact, are never stored in full, but are always rebuilt in the mind to every call, resulting in the loss or addition of data. In my work I follow a principle of integration and imitation starting from existing objects or fragments, creating sculptures that aim to redefine their boundaries and identities. To implement this process I use techniques of restoration, tested over the years, and also materials such as pigments and consolidating resins. My aim is to recover the idea of gap, that restoration is intended to fill, and elevate it to become the subject of my work. The device that I activate, by dealing with sculpture or drawing, is thus a personal form of 'restoration' that suggests the action of rebuilding an imaginary object. I am therefore interested in the creative potential of the restoration practice, exploring false memories and interpretation rather than in a philological approach.

Featured events

HISK Open Studios 2018, Lisa Wilkens, photo Chantal van Rijt

Open Studios 2018

18/05/2018 21/05/2018
  HISK - Open Studios
HISK Open Studios 2019, Sofia Caesar, Photo Laure Cottin Stefanelli

Open Studios 2019

24/05/2019 27/05/2019
  HISK - Open Studios
An Islandof Multiple

An Island of Multiple Bridges

22/11/2019 15/12/2019
Coupure Rechts 310, Gent, BE HISK - Laureaten tentoonstelling
Francesca Ferreri Tutto e vivo 2020 Photo Cosimo Maffione
Corso Vigevano, Torino, IT Tentoonstelling