Anneke Eussen





I utilize minimalism’s formal principles of geometric seriality, yet deploy a quietly emotive aspect by implying hidden narratives and secret histories. My practice revolves around cultivating found materials and repurposing them into meticulously detailed and layered wall sculptures. I compile found glass panels sourced from buildings and automobiles into glass assemblages in clean-edged Plexiglas boxes.

My interest in the malleability of edges and borders emerges from having grown up in a Dutch town bordering Germany and Belgium, where the delineation of countries seemed redundant and arbitrary. Questioning the idea of the border through overlapping, I also examine the linguistic and political construction of borders. In my recent assemblages, temporal divisions are perhaps as significant as spatial ones.

The tension in finding a fragile balance relates to the challenge of defining our surroundings, establishing a balance between observation and judgment. I believe our systems of evaluation are always incomplete, since they are constantly changing in accordance with the way in which we perceive and experience life and society, and what we leave behind.

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04/03/2021 11/04/2021
Marinaro Gallery, New York, US Tentoonstelling
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Wake up call

05/03/2021 04/04/2021
Platform 6A, Otegem, BE Tentoonstelling
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  Boek Presentatie
Conscious Becoming, 2021

Conscious Becoming

30/04/2021 13/06/2021
TATJANA PIETERS, Gent, BE Tentoonstelling
Art Rotterdam, 2021

Art Rotterdam 2021

01/07/2021 04/07/2021
Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam, NL Beurs
Indrikis Gelzis
BorGerHub, Antwerpen, BE Boek Presentatie
Ballroom Project #4

Ballroom Project #4

26/05/2022 29/05/2022
BorGerHub, Antwerpen, BE Beurs

What's in an artwork?

16/06/2022 17/07/2022
  HISK - Alumnitentoonstelling
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18/09/2022 15/10/2022
Horizonverticaal, Haarlem, NL Tentoonstelling

Anneke Eussen. The Labyrinth

30/10/2022 04/12/2022
TATJANA PIETERS, Gent, BE Tentoonstelling