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Edouard Pagant

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My first encounter with art was through theatre and from this experience I kept a deep interest in bodies and stories. The second was through graffiti, which confronted me with a very different relationship to the "audience", the "performance space" and the material and medium of work. The visual arts allowed me to combine these two worlds into a multidisciplinary practice. To broaden my sources and the shaping of the narrative, questioning the border between fiction and documentary, as well as the objectivity of the document and the archive.

If telling a story means organizing links, connecting elements in space and time to create a point of view on a subject; in my work, the elements of the story are not always verbally and linearly organized, the points of view are often multiple and contradictory, and there is no hierarchy in my choice of subjects. I am often interested in things that are in the margins, things that are in the shadows and which, once they are brought to light, reveal issues and conflicts that are broader than they appear to be. Small stories within the large.

Featured events

TBOT Aankondiging Website
  HISK - Digital Platform
The HISK Affair, 2021

The HISK Affair

24/06/2021 18/07/2021
Gosset site, Brussel, BE HISK - Exhibition
Atelier Suspensions, 2021

Atelier Suspensions

17/07/2021 14/08/2021
Square Miesse, Anderlecht, BE Exhibition
HISK studios. Photo by Dani Ghercă

Open Studios 2021

17/09/2021 20/09/2021
HISK, Leopoldskazerne, Eekhout 5, Gent, BE HISK - Open Studios
moonens, 2021

One clover and a bee. And revery

11/11/2021 28/11/2021
Moonens Foundation, Brussel, BE Exhibition
HISK Open Studios 2022

Open Studios 2022

13/05/2022 16/05/2022
Hoger Instituut Voor Schone Kunsten, Gent, BE HISK - Open Studios
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08/11/2022 - 18:00 21:00
Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BE Performance
Hisk socials13
Gosset site, Brussel, BE HISK - Laureates Exhibition
Schermafbeelding 2023 01 31 om 15 12 36

HISK Edition 2022

HISK, Gabrielle Petitstraat 4-6, Brussel, BE HISK - News
Com Lippia Insta final


18/05/2023 28/05/2023
Gallery Récif, Anderlecht, BE Exhibition