About HISK


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Wood and metal workshop.
The main production facility of the HISK is located at the Molenaarsstraat 111/30, 9000 Ghent, a 10 min bike ride away from the HISK artists studios. Equipped for production in both wood and metal, artists can make use of an extensive set of hand tools, welding equipement, table saw, wood and metal lathe and metal bandsaw, among others. The artist are assisted and advised by experts with a background and experience in the arts.

Projection Room
The auditorium / projection room is used for internal presentations and lectures (including presentations by the guest lecturers), workshops, Open Lectures and other activities. The Open Lectures are organised for both the candidate laureates and the broader public. These public lectures are announced on the HISK website, via e-mail invitations sent to all the addresses in the HISK database and on the HISK Facebook page. The projection room is also used for video screenings organised by the candidate laureates.

Video rooms & audio booth
Two video rooms and an audio booth provide the candidate laureates with the opportunity to make use of the computer for their own (audiovisual) projects. The HISK provides access to digital programmes, ranging from simple word processing to video editing. The candidate laureates have free access and can make use of the facilities 24/7 during their time at HISK.

Lending service for audiovisual and other material
The audiovisual material is primarily made available to the candidate laureates. The equipment can also be used to provide logistical support to the laureates, and for exhibitions in which candidate laureates participate. Every year, a number of new devices are added to the audiovisual lending service.

The Arts Library
collects the books of the HISK as well as those of the KASK, the S.M.A.K. and the Design Museum Ghent. The Arts Library is located in the Abbess' House on the Bijloke Campus in Ghent. Candidates, laureates, HISK employees and members of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors are given free membership to the Art Library. The library is systematically expanded with mainly monographic works by contemporary artists, catalogues of international group exhibitions and theoretical works.

The HISK has its own private lorry. It is often used to collect materials for works and to transport artworks to exhibitions. This service is primarily at the disposal of the HISK team and the candidate laureates. Wherever possible, laureates can also make use of this service.