Atelier Suspensions

Atelier Suspensions, 2021
Atelier Suspensions, 2021
  • Date

    17/07/2021 14/08/2021
  • Location

    Square Miesse, Anderlecht, BE

ATELIER SUSPENSIONS is a mini summer festival of the arts. Over five Saturdays between July and August, artists will develop works, research and perform activities in the framework of an outdoor studio organized in the surroundings of the Square Miesse in Anderlecht. Situated behind Chateau Nour, where Komplot is located, the square was named in 1954 after the owners of an automobile factory historically founded in the neighborhood. ATELIER SUSPENSIONS will momentarily suspend the normal car circulation in the area. It invites everyone to stop and look again at this unique place on the edge of urban Brussels, experiencing it from the perspective of contemporary artists and their practices.

Artists: Pascale Barret, Aurélie Belair, Elen Braga, Sofia Caesar, Delphine Corre, Stan D’Haene, Micha Goldberg, Simon Masschelein, Maurice Meewisse, Hélène Moreau, Juan Pablo Plazas, Angyvir Padilla, Edouard Pagant, Koi Persyn
​Curated by Laila Melchior
Organized by Komplot