Com Lippia Insta final
  • Date

    18/05/2023 28/05/2023
  • Location

    Gallery Récif, Anderlecht, BE

Lippia is a group exhibition that takes its name from a hardy perennial plant that grows between two environments. Like the plant, the multidisciplinary works presented in this exhibition grope their way from one world to another. They present a humanity that is creating living spaces for itself, but where the invasive and false marks of capitalism cling. Still distilling, here and there, false happinesses, the nightmare from which one seeks to escape is deep and dense. Forcing de-sublimation and refusing tragic complacency, the works presented outline a vital force that takes tortuous paths to never be extinguished.

Through the tipping of narrative power, in Romain Tallet's painting, through the lively and creative daily life that asserts itself despite the collapse of the surrounding ground, in Naïm Perrette's Both Ears To The Ground, through the fallowing of an old piece of bourgeois furniture, in Edouard Pagant's Untitled (Empire), a narrative is constructed, a global history is anchored in different places in the world. The creative and political charge of the works tries to escape the heaviness that gave birth to them, tracing furrows in a suspended time, with eyes wide open.

Récif galerie, Square de l'aviation 5, 1070 Anderlecht.