Playground 2023

Playground23 DIGITALEBANNER finaal zonderinformatie

Playground provides an annual platform for artists who don’t limit themselves to one discipline but work at the interface between the stage and visual arts. Performances, installations, film, role-playing, tours and choreography merge into challenging performances within the programme of this unique arts festival. Playground remains a sanctuary for experimentation. Artists bring objects and bodies together, seek new forms and reflect on art, the world, and our position herein. Often new, and always exciting work. This year’s festival also includes a pertinent, issue-based symposium.

The programme

This year, Playground presents a new performance work by Agnès Geoffray that includes whips and is based on rituals; an immersive sound installation by Luísa Saraiva entitled Tirana; and a duet between a human and a stone by Espen Hjort& Mees Borgman. Guest artist Emily Mast presents IFIF, a performance in the form of a game of dance, trance and chance. Dimitri Vangrunderbeek showcases an ever-changing installation, while Elize Charcosset makes extraordinary on-the-spot drawings of visitors. Charlotte Bouckaert explores the term 'still life' in her latest performance. M is also presenting a selection of video works by Meg Stuart. Also on the programme: installations and performances by Jivan van der Ende, Ariane Loze, Wim De Pauw, buren, Judith Van Oeckel, Alice Theobald and Diane Mahín & Manuel Groothuysen.

Playground is a collaboration between M and STUK.

Curators: Eva Wittocx, Lore Boon and Steven Vandervelden