Kris Verdonck. PRESYNCOPE

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Kris Verdonck, PRESYNCOPE, 2010
  • Date

    02/03/2021 09/05/2021
  • Location

    Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejean, KR

‘Look at the shadows/ An abstract painting/ And that sun/ What a beautiful day/ How wonderfully short life is/ It is so dense that I can see everything clearly now/ Anything that dies has had some kind of aim/ A bit dizzy/ I'm not in the right place/ I cannot rid myself of the feeling that I’m not in the right place/ Time is out of scale/ A lot of space/ That void/ Ridiculous/ I can see myself/ Look at me/ And again that solitude [...] They are so small/ That's how it will be/ Standing outside my own body/ A body, a head, a forehead/ Touching my own forehead/ Insurance/ Sure One hopes one did not forget to pay this month/ No/ Security [...] I would love to slap my forehead/ All clear now/ All light/ All clear [...] I have never seen a hand with the separate fingers so sharply differentiated from each other/ a face grown quite old out of fear/ And now again/ All over/ Restart Look at the sun.’

From: PRESYNCOPE (K, a Society)

In the projection PRESYNCOPE we see a ‘travel’ of approximately 15 minutes. The camera slowly and steadily slides down the façade of a very tall office block. It is pointed towards the ground, approaching it slowly. At the foot of the office block is a fountain. We hear the calm voice of someone describing his thoughts and impressions during the fall. This inner monologue contains scraps of memories from the lifetime that preceded the fall. Trivial details of the previous workday, strange reflections on falling and the world… The ‘travel’ stops when the camera reaches the foot of the building, almost touching the water.

'Presyncope' is a state consisting of lightheadedness, muscular weakness, and feeling faint (as opposed to a syncope, which is actually fainting). Pre-syncope does not result from primary central nervous system pathology, nor does it originate in the inner ear, but is most often cardiovascular in etiology. In many patients, lightheadedness is a symptom of orthostatic hypotension. Orthostatic hypotension occurs when blood pressure drops significantly when the patient stands from a supine or sitting position. If loss of consciousness occurs in this situation, it is termed syncope. (source: Wikipedia)

PRESYNCOPE is also part of the circuit installation K, a Society (2010).