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  • Date

    03/09/2022 02/10/2022
  • Location

    Different locations, Ninove, BE

Artworks have been placed in abandoned spaces. They are things. They can be inspired by anything. Perhaps they can transport us to various possible worlds. But they are, first and foremost, things that are just there, in their concrete dinginess, in those spaces.

Nothing is being communicated here. It is not about something; it is about the things themselves. The thing shows itself, it may show something, but it has nothing to say, it lets us be. And in what it may show, it cannot be caught in a moment. It requires a silent, careful groping, sensing. The sharing of space.

The maker, too, turned out to be totally blind, let himself be led, let it be. In shared blindness, guided by the work, perhaps the opportunity for a meeting opens up. A meeting requires time and space, distance and silence. What really matters is in the emptiness in between.

The sixth edition of KRASJ, the biennial of contemporary art, is hosted by artist Ante Timmermans (°Ninove, 1976). He brings together an exciting selection of artists in a few locations in the centre of Ninove that appeal to the imagination, such as the Moeremansfabriek and the convent of the Sisters of the HH. Hearts.

Artists: Angyvir Padilla, Charl van Ark, Claude Cattelain, Hilde Borgermans, Johan De Wilde, Julie Poisquet, Leen Van Tichelen, Libasse Ka, Lisette De Greeuw, Maurice Blaussyld, Nienke Baeckelandt, Sybren Vanoverberghe, Veerle Beckers, Wannes Lecompte.

In the chapel of the cloister of the Sisters of the HH. Hearts, there will be musical performances by Teun Verbruggen / Hans Beckers (10-11 September), Razen (18 September), Niels Van Heertum + Poor Isa (2 October).

From Saturday 3 September to Sunday 2 October
Opening dates and times: every Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Starting location: monastery of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Burchtstraat 47-49, 9400 Ninove
Free entry