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Ante Timmermans

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As an artist you are involved in an endless study, a “description” and discovery of the human condition at the outset of the 21st century. (…)

Your universe, at times, is articulated by the minimal, controlled precision of a few lines; at other times precisely by virtue of the loss of that control and surrender to a horror vacui. Yet drawing is only one of the means you apply as an artist. It is the central cognitive body in your work, a “graphical hypothalamus” if you will, from which thoughts express themselves in the form of audio projects, videos, projections, notes, texts and attitudes. And that latter form of expression is certainly not unimportant. As artist you maintain a clear and critical attitude towards and involvement with the status of the artist, a responsibility towards your own identity and towards art itself, but above all a responsive, critical eye towards that which surrounds you and all of us.

Philippe Van Cauteren,
Letter: To Ante Timmermans (excerpt)

Lecturer in

2018, 2015

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