Douze preuves d'Amour: Bourse révélations emerige 2022

Schermafbeelding 2022 10 14 om 11 50 58
  • Date

    07/10/2022 13/11/2022
  • Location

    Emerige Mécénat, Paris, FR

Each season of the Revelations is an opportunity for us to write a new episode in a story in which we do not know in advance the actors or even the place where the story is told. Each year we reshuffle the cards and start from a blank page with the connivance of a guest gallery, which allows us not only to draw up a panorama of current young creation over time, but also of the diversity of those who accompany them professionally and sometimes most intimately. After nearly ten years of companionship in which our project has continued to develop, careers have been launched, great complicities have been created, a family atmosphere has been invented.

In the midst of all the debates that have animated us, the same feeling dominates and governs all the others, that of a non-negotiable love for art itself. The passion that has guided the choices of this edition bears witness to this once again. Twelve artists resist the spontaneous and communicative enthusiasm of Alexandre Mor, the sharp eye of Philippe Charpentier, the open and demanding spirit of Paula Aisemberg, the immediate acuity of Laurent Dumas. All our convictions and all our doubts mixed together. Every year, we also feel a little heartbreak for the artists we love but who have not been collectively selected. Each to his own heartbreak... But we are sure of those who have been unanimously selected for us. Sure of the maturity of their practice, sure of their talent, sure of the generosity of what they invent and sure of their own love of art. We don't know if we will love these artists for the rest of our lives, our cultural histories are full of conflicting relationships: we admire one artist's period or body of work and not the others, we are fascinated, we hate or we exaggerate our admiration. This is a theatre of exalted and sometimes deceptive or simulated passions, as we get closer to the market. But for these young artists at the beginning of their career, it is still too early to watch themselves, they must declare themselves fully, completely. With the help of the mediation team, they have to face the gaze of others, the public, but also those who, with experience, no longer let themselves be seduced so easily. We must make ourselves desired, arouse that scopic impulse that accomplishes the small miracle of art, that of uniting us in a single form.

Gaël Charbau, exhibition curator