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Leyla Aydoslu

Graduation year




Aydoslu’s work often involves the deconstruction of architectural elements that are adapted to the scale of the human body and the space in which the work is displayed. The artist searches the streets for potentially interesting objects, often remnants of building materials, which she then experimentally transforms into constructions and sculptural installations that may be both robust and elegant. With respect for the characteristics of the material, she tries to find – in the course of the creative process – ways to link the various elements together to the point where a sense of tension is attained.

The mould and the cast – negative and positive space – frequently recur in her oeuvre. The works have an immediacy and urgency that is not based on a theoretical or conceptual discourse.

Featured events


The Constant Glitch

02/04/2021 05/09/2021
M Leuven, Leuven, BE Exhibition
Bovenkamer 040421 2


04/04/2021 01/05/2021
FRED & FERRY, Antwerpen, BE Exhibition
Leyla Aydoslu, 2021

Leyla Aydoslu. soloshow

13/05/2021 19/06/2021
FRED&FERRY, Antwerpen, BE Exhibition
Watou 2021


03/07/2021 05/09/2021
Watou, Poperinge, BE Festival
Xenia, 2021

EXPLO: Xenia

15/10/2021 31/10/2021
Gosset site, Gabrielle Petit straat 4-6, Brussel, BE Exhibition

What's in an artwork?

16/06/2022 17/07/2022
  HISK - Alumni Exhibition

Verweven /Entrelacés

04/09/2022 22/10/2022
Schönfeld Gallery, Brussel, BE Exhibition
Ontwerp Finaal Recto
Ontsteking, Gent, BE Exhibition
Art Antwerp 2nd portrait

Art Antwerp 2022

15/12/2022 18/12/2022
Antwerp Expo, Antwerpen, BE Fair
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Material World

28/01/2023 05/03/2023
CC De Steiger, Menen, BE Exhibition