Joke Raes

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Joke Raes output ranges from drawings, sculptures and live performances to a variety of wearable.

My artistic work brings about entanglements of sensuous aesthetic caresses and repulsiveness. Disorienting elements are merged with archetypal themes, intimidating stickiness, and smoothness beside rough prickly nature and unbearable heaviness. Slowness and airy playfulness are interwoven with sudden endings.

Hypnagogic and hypnopompic slumber images, short flashes occurring before and after the dream stage, often form the basis of my pieces. My work offers a reflection on our own existence. This is an inexhaustible source from which I uncover very precise themes. Within my work I dissect themes such as 'death', 'enigma', 'perception', 'surprise', 'destruction' or 'symbiosis'.

My Creations often result in “totaalspektakel”, in which the entire space interacts with the work. Here I use all kinds of techniques and materials, industrial scrap materials, textiles, ceramics, glass or laser cutting.

Several SlumberS emerged between 2010 and 2013, as cross-over total concepts. 'Devil's Advocate' (2013) was commissioned by Walter Van Haerents as a performance with a connection to 'Sympathy for the Devil', the then current exhibition at Walter Van Haerents Art Collection. Here I started from the myth of Faust which I intertwined with impulses from my personal universe. In 2014 I had an exhibition titled 'AFFAIRES'. Here I worked around the dubious affaires of human being and nature. I'm looking for unusual spaces that have an interaction with the work and trigger me as an artist. Like the Red Sea where my knitting works were dancing in the water. After that, I went from the enigmatic underwater world to the Amazon forest to create performances. In September 2015 I participated in a special programm of the biennial of Contemporary Art in Moscow. There I showed an installation for the lonely visitor (Shelter 2015). At the moment I explore at HISK novel territories that will inevitably provoke new work.

Featured events

270421 blinddate

Blind Date. Sculpture Exchange

29/05/2021 04/07/2021
SMAK, Gent, BE Exhibition
Joke Raes, 2021

A Soft Gentle Breeze

05/06/2021 03/10/2021
Villa Les Zéphyrs, Middelkerke, BE Exhibition
Niemand is een eiland, 2021
Damme, BE Festival
ART @ WORK, 2021


09/10/2021 17/10/2021
Domein de Cellen, Oostkamp, BE Exhibition
Face off- Face yourself

Face off - Face yourself

21/10/2021 22/02/2022
Destelheide - Hanenbos, BE Exhibition
Fiat Lux, 2021

Fiat Lux

18/11/2021 06/02/2022
Pilar, Brussel, BE HISK - Alumni Exhibition
Joke Raes & Jonas Vansteenkiste. New Memories. 2022

New Memories

06/03/2022 10/04/2022
Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche, Brussel, BE Exhibition
Transitoria, 2022
Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche, Brussel, BE Book launch
CUL201117 38

High Fired

01/09/2022 15/10/2022
Franzis Engels Contemporary Art Gallery, Amsterdam, NL Exhibition
Screen Shot 2022 09 23 at 09 58 46


02/10/2022 06/11/2022
Verduyn Gallery, Moregem, BE Exhibition