Book launch

Joke Raes & Jonas Vansteenkiste. New Memories

Transitoria, 2022
Transitoria, 2022
  • Date

    27/03/2022 - 14:00 15:00
  • Location

    Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche, Brussel, BE

Duo exhibition Joke Raes and Jonas Vansteenkiste

After their book Transitoria in which both artists further refined dialogue and digging into their own oeuvre, this is the moment to return to the spotlight with new work.

The search of an artist is always twofold, it is a search inside for self-reflection, for meaning. The other is always looking to create new forms of this search, to the new, the path of experimentation and new experiences, new memories. In this exhibition both artists show recent work in their search. They place these works in dialogue with each other, creating a fascinating field of tension between the works and the viewer. It is always a synergy they are looking for.

Synergia (Greek synergy, cooperation) is the added benefit that arises when parts go together compared to the sum of the parts. This is how both artists approach their friendship and the visual dialogue they develop. Both have already developed a layered and substantive visual oeuvre and exhibit both in Flanders and abroad. Joke Raes is known for her eye for detail and uses nature as inspiration, Jonas Vansteenkiste is known for his monumental installations and psychological reflections on the home and architecture. In this exhibition, they show a selection and a foretaste of their broader oeuvre. We are now bringing these apparent opposites together, but are they opposites or do they have more in common than appears at first sight?

Booklaunch on Sunday 27 March