Valerie Verhack

Valerie Verhack is a curator at M Museum in Leuven where she currently prepares shows with Jill Magid, Ericka Beckman and Thomas Demand. Exhibitions she curated at M include Jimmy Robert, Mary Reid Kelley, Cécile B. Evans, Jessica Warboys, Michael Van den Abeele and Oriol Vilanova (www.mleuven.be). Until 2019, she was also an editorial member of Le Salon, an online platform aimed at presenting, documenting and reflecting on the Brussels contemporary art scene (www.welcometolesalon.be) that recently published its anthology as a book. In 2011-2012 she was a coordinator of the Vanhaerents Art Collection in Brussels. Interested in both contemporary art and the historical avant-garde, she was a researcher and curator of ‘Jules Schmalzigaug, a Belgian futurist’ (2009-2011) at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels. Valerie Verhack is a member of the Visual Arts Commission of the Flemish Government, of the Board of CIAP Hasselt, of AAIR Antwerp and of AICA Belgium. She has contributed to several catalogues and (online) magazines, both for M Museum, Le Salon, Metropolis M and others.

Lecturer in

2020, 2019