Louwrien Wijers

Louwrien Wijers (1941) visual artist and writer sees herself as sculptor. After 18 years near to Joseph Beuys, 1968-1986, she looks, like him, at writing and speaking as sculpture. She makes mental sculpture and material sculpture. In 1981 Beuys asked her to bring him in contact with HH the Dalai Lama, who she had interviewed at length on the request of Andy Warhol. The Dalai Lama/Beuys meeting of 1982 led to her important mental sculpture, Art meets Science and Spirituality in a changing Economy, 1990 and 1996. 'Compassionate Economy' was her focus from 1998 to 2005. It brought her to the conclusion that 'Satisfying not Maximizing' is the current economic trend and that the simple rule 'No Lying/No Killing/No Stealing//Grains/Vegetables/Beans' is a firm basis for a successful society, a successful world economy or world household. The influence of food on our future is since 2008 her topic with the slogan: "Science is the Past / Art is the Present / Food is the Future'. "To build a stable society it is important that nobody goes to bed hungry," said Mahatma Gandhi. "Hunger," Gandhi adds, "is the only true dictator." Grains, vegetables and beans can feed all people alive on this planet and we will still have enough water for all. On top, that way of eating will make us more peaceful inwardly and outwardly. Only on that basis can we stop killing so many thousands of animals, who since the beginning of life on earth have been our nearest friends. In 2014 her slogan changed to 'Fresh Food is the Future'. Food should be eaten within 7 hours after preparation as its ether that makes our body cells shine is lost after that, and we are just eating dull matter that gives neither human intelligence nor satisfaction. Offer your leftovers immediately to animals she urges, on your balcony, in your backyard, in parks and woods. Hedge-hogs are good at finding it, the ermine too.

Lecturer in

2014, 2016