Els Roelandt

Els Roelandt (based in Brussels) is an art historian. She works at KIOSK at KASK, School of Arts in Ghent. She is editor of several books, made at KASK, School of Arts like Cercle d’art des travailleurs de plantation congolaise (Sternberg Press, 2016, with Renzo Martens), Plain/Purl (Art Paper Editions, 2017, with Els Huygelen) and Do You Want Your Feet Back. Barefoot Cobblers (Art Paper Editions, 2019, with Catherine Willems). A new publication edited together with Antony Downey and Laurens Otto on the epic film by Renzo Martens, Episode 3: Enjoy Poverty, was published at Sternberg Press in the fall of 2019. Before working at KIOSK, as a librarian at Kunstenbibliotheek (2018-2021) and as editor at KASK, School of Arts in Ghent (2004-today), she was co-founder and chief editor of the internationally renowned A Prior Magazine (1999-2012).

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