HISK - Workshop

Writing Workshop

The objective of the writing workshop is to have detailed, interactive exchange on writing projects in progress, with all participants submitting a text of any kind for review and discussion and all participants undertaking to read and respond to the writing of the others.

What kind of writing?
Texts can be manifestos, scripts, project descriptions, essays, criticism, fiction, poetry etc. The only kind of writing I want to exclude is statements or descriptions for grant applications and the like. If there is sufficient interest, I would be happy to lead a separate workshop specifically on grant writing later in the year.

Try to make the text submitted as finished as possible, but not impervious to further amendment or revision. It often (though not always) makes sense for the text to relate to a wider art project or work.

* Everyone to submit a text or two smaller texts (minimum total length for all submissions: from 2 pages to a maximum 15)
* Everyone to send a cover note along with their text(s) (maximum length 2-3 paragraphs). This will discuss the art or other project to which the text relates and/or address the context(s) within which it is situated. I have found that taking the time to think about these introductions is really worthwhile and that the best discussions often arise when participants have thought hard—and candidly – about what they are trying to achieve in their writings.

* We are planning to conduct the workshop remotely by Zoom. This way we can share screens and thus look as needed at shared writings in detail together.
* Everyone will have a few minutes (max 10 mins.) to introduce their texts and its contexts.
* We will try to allocate roughly the same time for discussion of all writings (though this will also need to be somewhat flexible to allow conversation to flow and to take into account different lengths, complexities etc.).